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Accomodations und Holiday Informations in Italian Cities

Information about travelling and vacations in Italy. North and south Italy as your holiday destination. Holiday accomodation in Toscana and other regions in Italy. Sights and places of interest in Rome, Florence, Pisa, Siena, Grossetto, Lucca, Venice, Naples, Milan, Turin/Piemont, Palermo/Sicily, Genova/Liguria, Bologna,...

Italy, located in the south of Europe on a Peninsula, is since many centuries the center of european culture.

Now as a modern democratic republic with round about 60 million inhabitants, the country changes to a beloved target of tourism.

The dolce vita feeling is one of the most popular associations we have with italy, it is the well known italian way of life.

Rome - Vacation & Holiday

The capital of Italy is Rome, in ancient times called the "capitol of the world".

And Rome is the most important city of Italy, too. Not only because it's the capital, it's also the biggest city with more than 2 million inhabitants.

Once it was the center of ancient Rome. There are many historic churches, palaces and other buildings, museums and galleries. Also there is the Vatikan City, home of the pope.

Rome includes the sovereign territory of the Vatican City. The nickname of Rome is "The Eternal City".

Tuscany Cities - Vacation & Holiday

Florence - Vacation & Holiday

A famous other city in Italy is Florence, called the "city of Renaissance" because of it's churches and renaissance buildings, especially the magnificent dome and the most selected museum of the world, the Uffizi.

Florence (Firenze) is the main city of Tuscany. It is well-known for trade and finance, as well as for architecture and art. The UNESCO declared the historic centre as a World Heritage location in 1982.

Pisa - Vacation & Holiday

Pisa (Pisa) is located in the center of Italy. The main sight is the Leaning Tower, but there are also many worth seeing churches, places, palaces, museums and other things.

Siena - Vacation & Holiday

Siena (Siena) has an historic centre which was declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Well-known is the horse race in July and August, called Palio.

Grosseto - Vacation & Holiday

Grosseto (Grosseto) was founded in the High Middle Ages. One of the most interesting sight is the Medicean Wall, which was built in the 12th century.

Lucca - Vacation & Holiday

Lucca (Lucca) is an ancient and medieval city. Founded by the Etruscans it offers many historic sights, like the clock tower (Torre delle ore), a botanic garden and numerous churches, museums and other buildings.

Venice - Vacation & Holiday

Venice (Venezia) is known as "City of Water", because it is built on top of millions of wood piles.

Venice with the impressive saltwater lagoon is well known for the many oldfashioned gondolas.

A lot of tourist attractions like churches, palaces, bridges and canals are found there.

Naples - Vacation & Holiday

Naples (Napoli) in the south of Italy is surrounded by two volcanic areas. Naples lies at the westcoast, near to the vulcano Vesuvius.

The Mount Vesuvius is not currently erupting, but it's the only european volcano which erupted in the last hundred years. Naples is the home of the original pizza.

There are some worth seeing churches, religious buildings, historic castles, palaces and museums and much more things.

Milan - Vacation & Holiday

The home of fashion and financial business is Milan in the north of Italy. It is along with New York and Paris a famous city of fashion. There are some beautiful sights.

Milan (Milano) is well-known as a city of commercial and financial centre.

It's also the most important industrial area of Italy.

Turin, Piemont - Vacation & Holiday

Turin (Torino) is most known for the Shroud of Turin, which should show an image of jesus. It is also an important city of industry, business and culture.

Palermo, Sicily - Vacation & Holiday

Palermo is the main city of the island Sicily. Because it was founded in the 8th century BC there are many interesting sights like historical buildings, museums, theatres and places.

Genova, Liguria - Vacation & Holiday

Genova (Genoa) is a city in the north of italy. The oldest still working lighthouse of the world stands at the seaport of Genova. It is also the city were Christopher Columbus was born.

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna - Vacation & Holiday

Bologna (Bologna) has an important historic centre. It contains many monuments from some centuries. Also it is the main city of the region Emilia-Romagna which is well known for wellness holiday.




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